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Skull Corkscrew

Fred & Friends Bar Bones Skull Corkscrew

This skill shaped corkscrew injects a bit of fun into the mix while daring you to pick your poison.

A great corkscrew is a must in any bar, and having a priceless example with the name of the best sommelier attached to it is all well and good, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to take things too seriously by taking the fun out of drinking.

Add a bit of fun when serving your spirits with the Bar Bones Skull Corkscrew from Fred & Friends. Known for their unexpected and fun loving design flair, Fred & Friends surprises and delights with their everyday functional products. Their skull-shaped corkscrew is no exception, as it offers a fun and functional way to serve your spirits. As if the skull is daring you to pick your poison, the eyeholes are perfectly sized for your fingers when you need to pull out the cork, while the strong, all-stainless construction is built to withstand the test of time and plenty of drunken abuse.