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Datsun 240Z

Datsun 240Z

This 240Z is a beauty queen that has gone through a meticulous restoration process.

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There are certain cars that become iconic for a brand, whether it’s due to its design, performance, or in some instances, some level of notoriety. For Nissan, or then known as Datsun in foreign markets, the 240Z is as iconic as they come. When Nissan reintroduced the Z to its lineup back in 2002, the company took inspiration from the 240Z and distanced itself from the fourth generation 300ZX in an attempt to inject some history into their most storied and iconic nameplate.

These weren’t exotic cars by any means and time has not been kind to most examples that are still on the road, but this particular Datsun 240Z from Cool & Vintage is in as good of a condition as they come. Lovingly restored over a period of years, the previous owner has gone through a meticulous restoration process sourcing new and old stock parts to keep the car in original condition. Wearing a rare shade of Grand Prix Green, the Euro-spec car features the 5-speed gearbox instead of the regular 4-speed, and also has a limited slip differential and sought after headlight covers.

A pinup beauty in its own right, having been featured in several magazines and winning the Concours D´Elegance at the Villa of Cascais, this is a very special Z car for anyone that has a soft spot for Japanese sports cars.