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Andrew Neyer Helping Hand

Andrew Neyer Helping Hand

Here’s a Helping Hand that will keep your keys right where you need them.

What do you do with your keys when you walk into your home? Do you throw it on the floor like some people do or do you have a tray where you keep everything organized? To keep you from forgetting your keys, here’s a Helping Hand that will also keep your keys and entryway organized.

Designed by American industrial designer Andrew Neyer, the Helping Hand is a quirky organizer that will keep you from losing your keys again. Made in Ohio, the hand-shaped organizer has magnets attached to its fingertips that allows your keys to safely adhere to it as if a thoughtful and helpful hand is reminding you to take your keys. There is a hidden compartment for your pen or other small items too, or you can tuck outdoing mail between the fingers.