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Frank Lloyd Wright Residence

Frank Lloyd Wright Residence

A historic, 122-year-old home in Chicago made by Frank Lloyd Wright comes up for sale.

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$ 1,200,000

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most well-known American architects in history, famous for implementing local material into the design of his homes. There are a number of Frank Lloyd Wright homes scattered throughout the US, and one of these very homes is just hitting the market in Chicago. And it’s also a National Landmark.

Located in Chicago’s Hyde Park, this house is 122-years-old and has a total of 6,100 square feet of land. The house was recently renovated and restored, but not to worry, as it was all kept to the specific details first used by Mr. Wright himself. It comes fully furnished with furniture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. So if you have $1.2 million, you should know that you have the option to buy a truly significant property.