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Forcite Alpine

Record, communicate, track, and share with this winter sports smart helmet.

Skiing/snowboarding can be a lonely sport; you may drive to the mountain with your friends and even ride the ski lift together, but the descent is a lonely solo affair. There’s no one to talk to and no one you can ask ‘did you seen that?’ after an epic jump. There’s so much experience that we could share with each other, yet we’re confined to our own skis or board.

The Forcite Apline is a specially designed smart helmet for snow sports enthusiasts. The built-in helmet-to-helmet communication system will ease your loneliness on the slope, giving you the option to chat up your friends within 600 ft or ask for help if an unfortunate incident occurs. It will also track your speed and altitude, measuring the precise airtime you’ve achieved so you have proof when you brag to your friends. The 4K camera and dedicated smart phone app lets you re-live that epic jump through the recorded video, and if you’re happy with the result you can share it via social media.

The Forcite Alpine is a versatile helmet that will enrich your snow sports experience while keeping your head in one piece. If you’ve been eagerly anticipating for the first snow to hit the slopes and wanted to share your experience with your friends, the Forcite Alpine may be worth checking out on Kickstarter.