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Simple yet intuitive navigation for your bicycle.

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Navigating through a dense city on bike can be difficult. Every street corner and intersection presents new ways to get lost in a city that is crawling with trucks, cabs, angry drivers and pedestrians. The introduction of the smart phone has conveniently put the power of navigation in our hands, but those are hands that should be on the handle bar rather than holding a phone. There are mounts for smart phones that are available for your bike, but the small screen can be distracting, leading to dangerous situations.

The SmartHalo is a simple and intuitive navigation system for your bicycle. The small circle can illuminate to offer an incredible amount of information, from turn by turn navigation to important alerts like weather or phone calls so you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the bike, not your phone. To input a destination, all you have to do is type it into the integrated app and the circular halo will light up to guide your path. SmartHalo will also keep tabs on your bike so if you forget where you’ve left it, you can simply look it up on your phone. The app can also show you relevant information, such as duration, distance, average speed, calories burned, elevation, and etc. The automatic lights can turn on and off depending on how dark it is or if you’re on or off the bike, while it can also act as an anti-theft device if it detects that someone is attempting to steal your precious ride.

Although the cyclist community has endured without the SmartHalo, the long list of features make us wonder how we’ve lived without it. Currently available for preorder for $119 USD (regular retail $149 USD), SmartHalo is that upgrade you need to update your ordinary bike into a smart bike.