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Fitly Sub45

The Perfect Running Companion: Fitly Sub45

A minimalist running pack that lets you carry your personal items on short runs.

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$ 59

Runners will delight in the new lightweight minimalist accessory to help carry necessary items during a run. The new Fitly Sub45 backpack is perfect for people on the go, able to easily hold a mobile phone, credit cards, keys, and hydration gels. Stay comfortable with this durable, stay-put backpack that boasts minimal friction and rugged construction.

The high-quality material is what makes the Fitly Sub45 backpack so different. The unique material is frictionless and tear-resistant, as well as sweat and odor repellant. The pack is made with a double layer to add durability while keeping the Sub45 lightweight. Used by endurance trainers, the Sub45 is weightless and stretches while running. With four different inflection points, the comfortable pack moves with the runner to avoid rubbing and pinching like a traditional backpack. A larger version of the bag, the Fitly Sub90, comes equipped with a 17 oz soft flask so that runners can stay hydrated for even the longest journeys.

The Fitly Sub45 backpack is priced at $59 and is available at online retailers. Shoppers can choose from five colors: Classy Black, Emerald Blue, Coral Red, Mojito Green, and Power Pink. Two sizes are available. The XS-S size fits chests 26 to 31 inches, while the M-XL size can fit chest sizes 31 to 40 inches.

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