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Ferrari 288 GTO by Petrolicious

What’s better than your morning coffee? How about a Ferrari 288 GTO.

Most of us rely on good ol’ caffeine to wake us up in the morning, but if you have a Ferrari 288 GTO, you can say goodbye to your coffee machine and trips to the local coffee house. In the short video above, Petrolicious demonstrates a quicker and more entertaining way to get that much needed morning jolt.

Part of a avid Ferrari lover’s impressive collection, this Ferrari 288 GTO has aged gloriously well. It’s angular wedge-like shape houses Ferrari’s first turbocharged engine, complete with wastegate swooshes and 400 horses. With crisp gated gear shifts and flames splitting from the exhaust, this is a true white knuckle Ferrari that’s as engaging to drive as it is to look at. Watching the video above, you’ll be filled with the desire to save up for a Ferrari of your own to tackle your favorite canyon road.