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Elo Studio by Ticiane Lima Arquitetura & Interiores

Elo Studio Is A Post-Pandemic Concept Home Developed In Brazil

This compact, container-like studio turns the dwelling into a real nest, in a simple and welcoming way.

The Janelas CASACOR 2020 Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil brought together architects and designers in late 2020 to reflect on innovations in both architecture and décor of post-pandemic houses. Called ‘The New Home,’ the exhibition featured, among others, a small and compact home built in a shipping container dubbed the Elo Studio. Developed as a prototype by São Paulo-based architect, Ticiane Lima, she found her inspiration for Elo Studio in a work of art titled “Elo’ produced by Ricardo Bueno. According to Lima, “The artwork unites brass and blown glass in a single piece, reflecting an imaginary void, supporting each other, inhabiting a fragile space represented by crystal.” Since the home has become a safe haven for all during the pandemic, the delicate space of the crystal is an analogy for home, in a time of adversity and transitions, which is at the same time a sensitive and supportive place.

Covering 161 square feet, Elo Studio contains a kitchen, office, bedroom, and bathroom. The structure is totally compact, with minimal furniture, and it utilizes all spaces with what most humans find essential in a home. The interior focuses on natural materials with the use of stone and sustainable light wood with a Grano pattern. To integrate with nature, Elo Studio includes large windows in both the kitchen and bedroom and it also features a green roof with a beautiful terrace.

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