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Electric Road Glacier Sunglass

Whether you’re out on water or snow, or carving the back roads, these sunglasses will keep your eyes protected all year long.

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Although we tend to associate summer as the season for sunglasses, it’s much more important to protect your eyes during the winter. Not only are you dealing with sunlight, there are other elements, like snow and wind, that can potentially harm your eyes. For those that lead an active lifestyle, whether its summer or winter, the Electric Road Glacier Sunglass has you covered all year long.

Developed by Californian lifestyle accessory brand Electric and world renowned surfer Chris Christenson, the Road Glacier is made from a six base mold injected Grilamid frame that’s lighter than aluminum or plastic. The OHM+ polarized polycarbonate lens offers 100% UV protection and 98% blue light protection, while the interchangeable/removable eye shield gives you added protection from the elements. With a total weight of only 38 grams, these lightweight sunglasses will keep your eyes protected and comfortable all year long.