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Dom Vetro x Taylor Stitch Nelson

The Dom Vetro x Taylor Stitch Nelson In Vintage Tortoise

Thanks to Dom Vetro’s commitment to handcrafting all eyewear, it allows for an incredible attention to detail, difficult to find in the optical world.

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$ 298

Kicking off what is sure to be a glorious summer, the apparel artisans Taylor Stitch have relaunched their beloved tortoiseshell sunglasses in a newly updated style named The Nelson. This latest release was developed through a collaboration with an expert team at eyewear label, Dom Vetro, which was originally founded in Italy but relocated to Los Angeles in 2017. Each and every pair of the Dom Vetro x Taylor Stitch Nelson eyeglasses are individually handcrafted. The vintage-inspired look is designed to “elevate just about everything one owns and to keep one’s eyes in tip-top shape no matter how fearsome the sun’s glare happens to get.”

The Nelson garners its timeless shape from Dom Vetro’s signature M101, which pulled from vintage Italian eyewear for design inspiration. The sunglasses are made with Italian acetate and include the beloved tortoise finish. The Dom Vetro x Taylor Stitch Nelson eyewear is also designed to help wearers pull together a look, combining the perfect shirt, trousers, and shoes to create the ideal ensemble. It is worth noting that since each piece of eyewear is handmade thanks to the old-fashioned approach to eyewear design and craftsmanship, each pair of Dom Vetro’s “takes a ton of time and care.” This means the Dom Vetro x Taylor Stitch Nelson will only be available in extremely limited quantities.

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