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As the excitement of the holidays and New Year’s festivities die down, and we realize that we’re not actually going to keep any of our resolutions (what’s new?), we need something to take our mind’s off the fact that we still have at least 3 months of shitty weather to get through. What better way to do that than by planning our next trip? In 2017 we’re looking for a mix of completely off-the-grid and totally connected. Good food is a must, of course, as are great scenery and a smattering of culture. Here are the places we’ve got on our radar for 2017.

2017 Travel Guide

Hamburg, Germany

With over 2,500 bridges (more than Venice, Amsterdam, and London combined) the port city of Hamburg is one of Germany’s most underrated destinations. But it’s having something of a resurgence in 2017. Zaha Hadid’s promenade along the Elbe River revitalized the riverfront and the once-gritty isle of Wilhelmsburg is quickly becoming a hotspot, not unlike Brooklyn’s Williamsburg.

The striking Herzog & de Meuron-designed Elbphilharmonie is scheduled to open this month and luxury hotels, art galleries, and coffee shops are popping up across the city. We recommend checking out the Deichtorhallen, one of Europe’s largest contemporary art centers, as well as the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s notorious red-light district. Though “the most sinful mile” has become pretty gentrified, we still think it’s worth a visit, just to say you’ve been there.

2017 Travel Guide


Although it’s often overshadowed by its flashy neighbors Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oman has plenty going for it. From unreal scenery to architecture that dates back thousands of years to lively souks, this Middle Eastern jewel has no shortage of things to do.

With over 1,000 miles of crystal blue coastline, Oman is a diver’s paradise, as it is home to dolphins, whales, colorful corals, rays, and a huge range of fish. But if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of luxurious resorts dotting the coast as well.

2017 Travel Guide

Once you’ve tired of the beach, you can live out your Lawence of Arabia fantasies at one of the country’s desert camps where you’ll experience sunset camel rides, endless dunes, and crystalline wadis, and you’ll end your day in a luxurious private Bedouin style tent.

Back in the capital city of Muscat, you’ll be struck by the lack of skyscrapers (buildings higher than 7 stories are not allowed) and the ornate architecture (just take a look at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the Royal Opera House). Be sure to visit the Muttrah district with its lively fish market, waterfront souk, and old, intricate houses lining the main road.

2017 Travel Guide

Seoul, South Korea

Where else can you find a golf course, a skating rink, a casino, a spa and sauna, a museum, a cinema, an arts and crafts studio, and world class dining? Oh, did we mention this is all in the airport? When you arrive at Seoul’s Incheon Airport, you’ll realize pretty quickly why the South Korean capital is attracting all sorts of attention from travelers of all types.

Foodies will rejoice at the concentration of restaurants in Seoul – the highest per capita in the world – and coffee lovers will have no problem finding their next caffeine fix at one of the city’s many cafes. In fact, you could probably spend your entire trip drinking and eating (the street food alone is worth the long flight). But with palaces and temples interspersed with stunning modern architecture, great shopping, and tons of outdoor activities, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to explore this dense metropolis of over 25 million people.

2017 Travel Guide

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Botswana’s Okavango Delta is a vast ecosystem created as the Okavango River flows into the parched Kalahari Desert. Home to some of the most extraordinary wildlife on the planet, a trip here is incomplete without partaking in a safari to see elephants, buffalo, giraffes, zebras, and cheetahs up close. Many of the area’s safari camps are committed to protecting Africa’s last pockets of pristine wilderness, using eco tourism as a tool to sustain conservation programs. (Read: you can visit with a clear conscience.)

2017 Travel Guide

As a result, trips to Okavango, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be luxurious, certainly, but those looking for a bit more adventure can explore the Delta on a horse riding safari.