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There’s no question that COVID-19 is a crisis the likes of which we’ve never experienced. Many, if not most, companies were caught off guard. Commerce has taken a nosedive, and the economy’s shift from robust to rocky is a continuous source of alarm.

But hope isn’t all lost during this unpredictable time. Needs must be met, and people of all walks of life desperately require help. Brands are stepping up to the challenge and innovating in creative ways. More than just a remarkable display of resilience, these efforts show empathy in the face of incredible turmoil.

Because it must be said: COVID-19 is, as so many have uttered in recent weeks, the great equalizer. It doesn’t discriminate. It knows no boundaries. It has robbed so many of so much. But at the same time, it has provided companies an opportunity to be, as Mr. Rogers so eloquently put it once upon a time, “the helpers.”

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We look to the helpers always, in moments of strife big and small. Today, we’re highlighting just a handful of the many businesses that have forged ahead and vowed to do whatever possible to help their employees and the community. Here are just a few who are committed to the cause.


Spirits? Those can wait, although hopefully you have a decent stock handy while you’re cooped up inside the house. Right now, distilleries all over the country are drawing on their resources to handcraft hand sanitizer and distribute it throughout their respective communities. That’s due largely to the supply shortage, which has made it incredibly challenging to find even a single bottle of the stuff anywhere. Distilleries only need to swap their everyday processes a little bit in order to begin churning out bottles upon bottles of sanitizer. It’s been a groundbreaking moment, allowing people to finally obtain some of the much-needed product while also providing suppliers with the opportunity to remain in operation and keep their businesses alive. You can find your nearest distillery here.

Photo Credit: 28 Mile Vodka

Under Armour

That masks are woefully hard to find is a story that’s not lost on anyone who has followed the pandemic closely. Athletic brand Under Armour has committed to designing one-piece masks made with moisture-resistant material that’s similar to what is used in the construction of standard surgical masks. These are one-and-done masks that feature a sizable body that covers the face from the nose bridge to the area behind the ears. It has a fabric ribbon that ties snugly at the back of the head to create a virtual seal that prevents air from seeping out. They’re committed to creating 100,000 masks every week using an innovative “no-sew” design that’s intuitive and efficient.

Photo Credit: Under Armour


If you own a small business and find yourself in the heartbreaking position of potentially closing down your brick-and-mortar location, eBay is ready to help you. The online marketplace has pledged to support small businesses in North America up to $100 million through its new accelerator program, Up & Running. Businesses in need will receive an eBay store free for the first three months. The company also plans to wave associated selling fees and provide them with 500 free listings. Following in their desire to do as much as they can, the company also offers valuable educational resources to assist with everything from merchandising to marketing.

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Those ventilated foam resin sandals suddenly seem a lot more appealing. Legendary brand Crocs is stepping to the front line for those fighting the ultimate battle on the front lines. Healthcare professionals across the country are putting their own lives at risk to provide for others. Crocs has committed to donating a free pair of shoes, shipped for free, to healthcare workers. The brand has also committed to donating some 100,000 pairs of their footwear to healthcare facilities across the country.

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As it happens, our tech products are among the most highly touched surfaces in our lives. CASETiFY, which specializes strictly in tech accessories, has a new mission now: safeguarding those devices with even greater fervency. The brand, which claims the average person touches their cell phone at least 2,000 times every single day, is including a package of free sanitizing wipes with every order. Those are useful for your phone, but you can also use them to clean other high-touch areas, like doorknobs, faucets, and drawer pulls, around the house. They’ve also developed a UV sanitizer designed to eradicate 99.9% of germs; 100% of the sales from this product will go straight to the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund.

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