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The Devialet Mania Makes Surround Sound Portable

The Devialet Mania is an advanced portable speaker four years in the making.

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Portable speakers continuously advance through superior sound and features like ultra-durability and waterproofing. The sound experts at Devialet have taken advancement leaps and bounds farther with the new Mania 360-degree surround sound portable speaker.

The Devialet Mania features acoustic mapping technology, unrivaled intelligence capabilities, and Active Stereo Calibration (ASC) that work together to adapt the sound to its surroundings. It’s a portable speaker that sounds like an entire luxury surround sound system. The Mania is splash resistant and equipped with a handle for easy transport. The built-in battery can wirelessly stream music for up to 10 hours straight.

Devialet is a sound engineering company obsessed with quality. The team spent four years taking their unrivaled sound technology and translating it into a portable speaker that is unlike any other. The Mania offers a range of 30-20,000 hertz, ground-shaking bass, and quality that makes other portable speakers sound like TV static.

This portable speaker works flawlessly with Bluetooth, Wifi, Spotify Connect, and Airplay 2. Setting up and customizing the Mania is a breeze on the Devialet App. Listeners can couple the Devialet Mania with its available wireless charging dock to keep the speaker pumping wherever their adventures take them. The Devialet Mania and the Devialet Mania Opéra de Paris edition package with charging dock are available now on the company website.

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