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A Computer Mouse That Can Be Folded Flat When Not In Use: The Air.0

The Air.0 is a full-size, origami-inspired Bluetooth mouse.

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Innovative Hong Kong tech product manufacturer, Air.0 recently introduced the Air.0 foldable Bluetooth computer mouse via Kickstarter. The successful campaign surpassed its original goal of $9,936, reaching over $100,000 thus far. Air.0 features a unique origami-inspired design enabling it to lie completely flat when not in use. The user snaps it into place to activate it, and the Air.0 becomes a full-sized computer mouse. This ultra-slim computer mouse boasts full size without bulkiness, and an ergonomic design, to minimize muscle fatigue. Plus, the origami structure makes the Air.0 sturdy. The company says they put the computer mouse through a rigorous drop test to ensure its durability.

The outer layer is dyed vegan leather in various textures and colors, including royal blue, sunflower yellow, lime green, and cool black. The vegan leather is durable, enabling the computer mouse to maintain its integrity even after numerous folding and unfolding. Additionally, this foldable Bluetooth computer mouse can easily connect to any Bluetooth-enabled computer or tablet. The stylish design uses gliders to enable fluidity and precise control. The minimal friction enables Air.0 to glide across various surfaces. Air.0 says it installed silence buttons for spaces that require quiet. Users can quickly charge Air.0 using a USB-C cable, and one full charge can last up to three months. The Air.0 foldable Bluetooth computer mouse is available for backing via Kickstarter.

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