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The CORKY X Adds A New Level Of Safety For Cyclists

The CORKY X comes with a universally retrofittable design that attaches to any piece of eyewear securely.

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“Designed for cyclists, by cyclists,” the Kickstarter project, CORKY X, by TEMPO/THE BEAM, is a sunglasses-mounted rear-view mirror for cyclists. Inspired by the significant number of riders who lost their lives globally (50,000 in 2019 alone), based largely on lack of visibility, CORKY X enables cyclists to easily spot fast-approaching objects from behind them. The mirror was developed over the course of two years and works by being affixed onto the corner of the rider’s sunglasses. The mirror will then go to work, after adjustment, providing clear views to the rear to help cyclists keep an eye on upcoming vehicles and more.

The CORKY X is designed to allow riders to look behind them without physically glancing over their shoulder as they ride a bicycle or motorbike. The mirror has an aesthetic that will look rather familiar to tech enthusiasts, as it is modeled roughly on the form factor of Google Glass. It comes with a universally retrofittable design that attaches to any piece of eyewear securely, comfortably, and in mere seconds. The CORKY X uses a highly reflective acrylic PC mirror that is comparable to commercial mirrors but at a fraction of the weight. The mirror sits at the very corner of your visual periphery (so it does not block your view of the road ahead) and is mounted within an adjustable housing that allows you to tilt the mirror in any direction, eliminating blind spots so cyclists have the perfect view of what is behind them. The CORKY X will be available to ship this September.

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