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Coleman Northern Nova Lantern

Coleman Northern Nova Lantern

Fill your entire campground with light, with Coleman’s brightest propane lantern.

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Autumn is a season that brings many changes. Although the season has blessed us with the colorful foliages, it’s also brought shorter days and longer nights. If you’re in need of a bright lantern for the longer nights, the Coleman Northern Nova Lantern will fill your entire campground with 3000 lumens of light that can reach up to 107 ft.

With this lantern, you’ll never have to use a flashlight again or struggle to find your things in the dark. It has a rugged design with guards to protect the glass globe, chunky metal legs that provide a secure footing, and a chain handle for hanging. The Instastart push-button ignition and precise brightness control allows you to set the appropriate brightness instantly, while keeping you well illuminated in any type of weather condition or high altitude thanks to its PerfectFlow technology.