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Bugatti Introduces Its $300K+ IXO Pool Table

The Bugatti Lifestyle Collection has expanded once again with the addition of the Bugatti IXO Pool Table.

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$ 347,000

One of the great things about pool is that, at the end of the day, it’s pure geometry. A person could possess an incredible amount of skill and control over a cue and it ultimately won’t mean a thing if they do not understand good, old-fashioned mathematics. That is also a big reason why the quality of a pool table needs to be perfect. The proportions between every last dimension need to line up exactly, all in the name of creating that incredible feeling one gets when one has a particularly strong break. The Bugatti IXO Pool Table is a handcrafted masterpiece that is designed for those who truly appreciate the sport, elevating itself from a simple table and into a true work of art.

Made from only the finest materials and parts, the Bugatti IXO Pool Table is adorned in carbon fiber, billet aluminum, and aniline leather. Every last surface that will ever make contact with a ball is covered with the same type of leather that one would find the next time they get into a Bugatti vehicle. The pool table is available with an optional servo-driven self-leveling system, making it ideal for playing on one’s yacht. It also includes a multifunctional touch screen system with configurable parameters. Every element of the Bugatti IXO Pool Table comes together so flawlessly to create an exceptional experience that must be seen to be believed. The first official Bugatti Pool Table is scheduled to be delivered to customers in June of this year, but with only 30 being produced they will likely go fast.

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