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Bugatti x Tidal Audio Royale Speaker

Bespoke Automaker Bugatti Brings Luxury Inside The Home With The Bugatti x TIDAL Audio Royale Speaker

Like the 1927 Bugatti Royale, these floor standing speakers feature imposing proportions and art-deco styling.

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Drawing inspiration from Bugatti’s 1927 Type 41 Royale, the French hypercar maker has partnered with German premium audio company, TIDAL, to create the Bugatti x Tidal Audio Royale Speakers. The Royale is a hybrid passive/active loudspeaker and contains “extremely powerful amplifier channels” that drive four 265mm long-throw subwoofers per speaker and a three-way front unit that is home to two 170mm woofers. In addition, they house a 30mm diamond-diaphragm tweeter, which Bugatti also includes in its four-wheeled machines. Each pair is matched by an accompanying music controller, which features a digital-to-analog converter and can be connected to sources like streaming services, a living room television, or other smart home devices.

TIDAL allows customers to personalize their speakers, just like Bugatti allows its customers to customize their hypercars in various veneers and finishes, including carbon fiber, leather, precious metals, dark aluminum, fabrics, and polished stainless steel. The Royale Speakers are available with one of two themes – a Monocoque or Duotone cabinet. The Bugatti/Tidal partnership has launched with the Royal Edition Noir an Edition Blanc, which are limited to only 15 pairs for each edition.

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