BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster

BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster

The Motorrad Vision DC Roadster captures the vision behind BMW’s first electric motorcycle.

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When it comes to performance motorcycles, few brands can compete with the likes of BMW. By pushing the boundaries of what makes a beautifully crafted motorcycle, the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster widens that gap even further.

In the years since it has kept its eye on electric motorcycles, BMW has only been able to imagine how to materialize their ambition of breaking into that territory. Concepts from BMW’s design team have since given realistic insight into what an electric BMW bike will look like. The BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster captures that vision with a more realistic and grounded design that is a departure from the overly futuristic designs of its initial concepts.

In previous years, the demand for an electric alternative for motorcycle aficionados was nowhere near what it is today. Finally though, it seems like that resistance has dissipated leaving curiosity and anticipation in its wake. With the opportunity to capitalize on that change more advantageous than ever, it won’t belong before the BMW brings the Motorrad Vision DC Roadster to the showroom floor.