BMW Concept Z4

‘Born to be Wilder,’ the BMW Concept Z4 shows off its rakish design and previews what’s to come with the next generation Z4.

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Over the years, BMW has earned a reputation as a luxury automobile maker — and with good reason. Despite its upmarket luxury positioning, the brand behind the ultimate driving machine is about more than just a nice driving car, but one that takes boundary-pushing design and innovation seriously too. The automaker’s new Concept Z4 roadster is proof of both. It’s tagline is “Born to be Wilder,” and it’s easy to see the thinking behind it.

From its flat, retracted front to its low-slung stance, the new concept harkens back to historic roadsters from the ‘30s while thoroughly updating the Z4 nameplate for a new generation of drivers. It sticks with the two-seat, open-top format of its predecessors but packs an updated punch that mixes luxury, sport, sophistication and style. With a sharply creased, rakish exterior design and an interior that focuses on the driver, it makes it’s performance aspirations well known. When you put it all together, you’ve got a car that anyone with a bit of spirit and adventure and would crave.

There are no official performance figures, as it is still a concept for now, but the vehicle should closely resemble that of the next generation Z4 that’s expected to go into production sometime next year.