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BLUETTI SwapSolar power station

Transform Your Outdoor Adventures With The BLUETTI SwapSolar Power Station

A combination power supply and portable refrigerator/freezer.

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The tech startup company BLUETTI first made the headlines with the release of the AC500, setting a new crowdfunding record on the Indiegogo platform. Combining eco-friendly and sustainable energy with outstanding functionality, it revolutionized portable calling devices. With the launch of the BLUETTI SwapSolar power station, the company looks set to put another nail firmly in the coffin of traditional cool boxes and ice packs.

This LFP-powered MultiCooler portable fridge, a first of its kind, offers a new level of convenience for outdoor adventurers and campers. Available in two versions, it’s an efficient and versatile device for off-grid luxury.

The SwapSolar power station combines a powerful AC180T Solar Generator and a B70 modular battery to deliver optimal performance and longevity. Capable of an outstanding six-day power duration which can be extended with an exchangeable battery, it’s the perfect companion for long vacations. Fully controllable via the native smart app, it’s easy to quickly adjust the settings and monitor performance.

Multiple charging points also help make the BLUETTI SwapSolar power station a truly versatile cooler, with ports for car charging complementing the solar panel system. With separate interior storage for refrigeration, freezing, and ice making, along with 40 liters of total capacity, it’s as feature-rich as any home fridge-freezer combo.

The BLUETTI SwapSolar power station is also exceptionally quiet when in operation, even when using the rapid cooling feature, so you won’t disturb other campsite users. The overall result is a portable cooling system that outshines its competitors in all specifications.

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