Bird Cruiser

Bird Cruiser

Bird expands on its rental scooter line with a seated, pedal-free e-bike that provides easy transportation for two.

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Hot on the heels of successful civic bike rental systems such as New York City’s Citi Bike, a host of companies decided to up the ante by offering electric powered scooters. Distinguishing itself from competitors such as Lime, Spin, and Skip, Bird is expanding on its scooter line with a comfortable e-bike unit for convenient seated mobility. Even better, with its extra-wide bench seat, this new e-bike provides easy transportation for two.

A great way for visitors to explore a city at their own pace, the Bird Cruiser has 20-inch wheels and a full suspension to tackle city potholes while providing a smooth ride. With electric boost and instant acceleration, this pedal-free e-bike can handle any slope, whether uphill or downhill. All in all, the Bird Cruiser looks like a great way to expand Bird’s ongoing mission to limit traffic congestion and carbon emissions to make cities more livable.