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Sit in perfect posture and train your body how to sit properly with this simple device.

We sit for a majority of our waking hours, usually slouched over a computer straining our neck and back. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out consistently sitting like this for hours everyday will lead to back problems sooner or later. People have resorted to pillows and mattresses that are supposed to ease the pain, while some have even gone as far as completely abandon their desk chairs in favor of a standing desk at the office. These may be helpful in some way, but what we need is a solution that can get to the cause of it all, which is ultimately improper posture while sitting.

The Betterback is a simple solution to keep you back straight and help you sit in perfect posture. It might look strange, but it’s simple to wear and surprisingly effective at keeping a perfect posture, while training your body how to sit properly. The whole thing folds and zips neatly as well, making it portable enough to carry around in a bag or by itself. Carry it with you to work, use it while watching TV at home, or even wear it on a flight for a better back and better posture.