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BeoPlay A6

BeoPlay A6

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Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay line expands with their newest speaker, the BeoPlay A6. Set to be available by the end of October, the bluetooth enabled wireless speaker is made to be placed anywhere, no matter where you may be relative to it. This one-point music system makes it perfect for houses that have less than ideal acoustical qualities or even for those occasions when you temporarily need some tunes for a gathering.

BeoPlay went further to ensure that the speaker is as easy to use as it is easy on the eyes with touch sensitive controls. So when you’re comfortably cuddled up in your bed in the morning, there’s no need to even reach for your phone to turn on your favorite tunes. A simple swipe on the top of the speaker will get things going.

The speaker comes in four different colors, thanks to a partnership with high end fabric manufacturer Kvadrat. If you get sick of a certain color, simply switch out the cover and replace it with another color.

We will have to see how the claimed one-point music system works in the real world, but based B&O’s track record we have no doubt they have another hit in their hands.