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Barebones Flatbrook Folding Stove

The Flatbrook Folding Stove Is A Versatile Campsite Companion

Barebones Living cooked up something special here.

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Campsite cooking presents a unique challenge: how to balance size and utility? Barebones Living may have solved the puzzle with its Flatbrook Folding Stove, which packs flat and weighs a paltry five pounds. The included heavy-duty poly/nylon bag has extra space for tinder or a fire-starting kit, saving precious backpack space for an extra flask of whiskey and another couple of Wagyu patties.

The folding stove deploys in just a few seconds so that Cookie can get right to prepping food for hangry hikers. Barebones advises against cooking directly on the stove, so it’s BYO cookware for this outdoor affair. Fortunately, the powder-coated stainless steel frame stands up to high cooking temperatures and heavy cookware like cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens, opening the door to a variety of fireside cuisine. No need for extra fuel canisters: wood, coal, and pellets are all usable in this stove, and chefs can build their fire directly on the ground or the stove’s bottom plate.

The stove’s dimensions are 14” x 11” x 8” when assembled; when packed, it’s 14” x 1” x 8”. Cleanup is easy: wipe it down with a cloth or damp paper towel once it’s cooled off, store it in the bag, and hit the hay to dream about the pending campfire-cooked breakfast. We’re thinking shakshuka. Pick up the Flatbrook Folding Stove for $75 at Barebones Living.

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