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Ukiyo Home Readymade Rectangle Weekender

Minimalist Dutch oven, handmade by Japanese craftsmen.

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Why is it that the Japanese always seem to do everything slightly better? Although dismissed as cheap vehicles when first introduced to the US, Japanese cars schooled the automotive industry in the 80’s and 90’s on how to properly make cars. It was at that time Japanese electronics dominated the market as well. Even when it comes to kitchenware, they just seem to have an eye for attention to detail that makes everything easy to use while being well designed. Ukiyo Home understands the value in Japanese design, and has been passionating introducing a carefully curated collection of Japanese products to the world.

One of their products that caught our attention is the Readymade Rectangle Weekender, a minimalist Japanese Dutch oven handmade in Fukuoka. Made from cast iron, its weight ensures a uniform cooking temperature and keeps the steam inside throughout the cooking process. You can use it indoors on the range, in the oven, or outdoors on a grill, charcoal, or even over a campfire. Designed to last, it even comes with a lifter made of stainless steel and Horween leather as well.