Security settings allow users to turn off the wireless payment system but still use the device as a fully RFID protected wallet.

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Despite the advent of smartphones and wireless payment technology making life easier, we still seem to be bogged down by the weight of multiple devices. Baraddy aims to change all that by offering a wallet with a wireless payment system and powerbank.

As a power reserve, each part of its surface can be utilized to charge devices so users can get their charge on the go without having to cart around a heavy portable charger. With your phone in your pocket already, the charger can easily be slipped in alongside your Baraddy for a jolt of power between charges.

Baraddy also features its own wireless payment system so users never have to worry about carrying around their credit cards. Its customized NFC chip makes secure transactions a breeze, without the risk of losing your card and being subjected to fraudulent charges. The wallet’s smart application even allows users to integrate multiple credit cards.Further security measures allow users to track payments and turn off the wireless payment option to convert the product into a fully RFID protected wallet.