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Bally Navado Bi-tonal Leather Briefcase

Take a scan around during your commute to work, and you’ll most likely see a lot of men clad with backpacks, satchels or messenger bags similar to what your mailman would wear. The straps of these types of bag make it very convenient for you to carry it around, but it’s probably in contrast to your imagery of items that represent a successful professional: custom-tailored luxury suits and elegant briefcases. Regardless of the ongoing trend, there are still companies like Bally, which have specialized in luxury leather goods since 1851, that make classic briefcases from the highest quality leather. One such example is the Bally Navado Bi-tonal Leather Briefcase which is crafted from scratch-resistant calf leather and a pressed surface designed to exude a three-dimensional grain with a semi-shiny finish. The Navado bi-tonal briefcase comes in two colorways, maroon & yellow or navy blue & green, to give a touch of style and playfulness to prevent a traditional briefcase from becoming too uneventful.