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Audi activesphere Concept EV Is An All-in-One Sports Off-Roader With VR Controls

A VR headset is required to drive this off-road GT car.

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Audi unveiled the fourth “Sphere” in its series of concept vehicles designed to stir the imagination for the future of motoring. This latest concept car is the Audi activesphere representing an all-in-one off-road focused crossover. It features the silhouette of an E-Tron sedan with a serious lift kit and all-terrain tires.

The activesphere concept car rides on Audi’s PPF platform, which will be seen in the upcoming A6 e-Tron and electric Porsche Macan. The specs on this EV platform include a 100-kWh battery pack providing an estimated 370 miles of range using a dual-motor layout generating a combined 436 horsepower and 531 lb.-ft of torque. For charging, the PPF uses an 800-volt system. Audi claims the battery can charge from 5 to 80 percent in under 25 minutes.

As for the “car of the future” tech, the Audi activesphere features interior controls requiring virtual reality headsets. The car’s physical dashboard shows no screens and traditional steering wheel and pedals. With the headset, occupants will use “Audi’s Dimensions,” like how Tony Stark controls his Iron Man suit with his helmet. The passenger can adjust the climate controls using hand gestures to reach out and touch, turn, or flick the virtual controls in augmented reality – because that’s somehow easier.

Other exciting features on the Audi activesphere include an “active back,” which is essentially a truck-style split tailgate. As the press photos suggest, the tailgate folds down to be used like a truck bed to store active lifestyle gear like mountain bikes or golf clubs. Moreover, the concept car’s sleek fastback roofline features an integrated ski rack. Its off-road prowess delivers from its 22-inch wheels wrapped in massive 55-inch all-terrain tires, providing 8.2 inches of ground clearance, with an additional 1.6-inch raise in off-road mode.

We get the impression that the Audi activesphere concept car is for those who like golf but prefer to travel as the crow flies. Regardless, the activesphere works well at stirring our imagination with anticipation for the future of personal transportation.

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