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ASAP x-connect Cross-Device Magnetic Cable

Finally, the only cable that you’ll ever need for all your devices. World’s first cross-compatible USB cable.

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We live in an age with too many cables. It’s a first world problem that is the byproduct of modern times, indicative of capitalism at its finest. When we examine the cables that we use on a daily basis, we have Lightning, micro USB, to the new standard that will become ubiquitous, the USB-C. If you thought keeping up with the plethora of cables is enough of a headache, think about how they all look similar to the point where it’s not uncommon to hear people mistakenly bringing the wrong cable to their vacation.

The ASAP x-connect Cross-Device Magnetic Cable attempts to change all that with an ingenious solution. It’s the world’s first cross-compatible magnetic USB cable that is compatible with all phones, whether it’s Lighing for your iPhone, micro USB for Android, or even USB-C for the next generation of phones. The magnetic connector attaches to adaptors that connect to each type instantaneously, while the other end features a reversible USB connector so you don’t have to worry about whether it’s right side up anymore. Check out the video below for more information and head over to their Indiegogo campaign to get your hands on one.