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Flic Wireless Smart Button Multipack

A wireless smart button that offers quick push-button solutions to simplify your life.

For the modern man, keeping track of multiple things at once is a must, so why not make life simpler with just a click of a button? Flic is a durable, light, pocket-sized button that connects to your smartphone in order to help you take push-button control of your life. With just three simple clicks you can manage your life, the smart way — a click to turn on/off the lights, double-click to read back your text messages, hold to play your favorite playlist, and this is just the beginning.

Each Flic button comes with a wearable clip and reusable adhesive back so you can clip it, stick it, or hold it to use anywhere, everywhere, any time. By connecting to your Android or iOS device through Bluetooth, you can take control of a wide range of apps, online services and smart-home products. Personalize your Flic the way it fits you best and with multiple Flics, you can have a smart fix at home, in your car, or your office. Customize each Flic to fit your environment. A simple fix for a complex life.