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Artifox Standing Desk

Artifox Standing Desk 01

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A desk is the center and focal point of your workspace, but with so many hours spent sitting in front of a desk, your back is sure to give out soon. There are solutions to make your time sitting down less damaging to your spine, while others have resorted to standing desks. However, the fact that many of the standing desks on the market put function before form leads to the unfortunate result of lacking the design finesse of regular desks.

Created to inspire and refine your workspace without sacrificing your back, the Artifox Standing Desk 01 is a standing desk that is no longer an eye sore. Far from it actually, as the desk that comes in either walnut or maple is simply gorgeous and surprisingly functional as well, with thoughtful details throughout. Cutouts and magnetic bands for cable management, docks for your mobile devices, and pegs to hang your stuff are only a few of the careful touches that should make your workday that much more productive and enjoyable.