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Aras Kazar Wakinyan Trimaran Concept

Ara Kazar’s Latest Superyacht Design Is The Wakinyan Trimaran

Cruise the oceans with a 360 view.

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Aras Kazar is a freelance yacht designer with over ten years of experience showing the world his signature minimalist style for superyachts of the future. Kazar’s latest creation is called the Wakinyan Trimaran Concept, a multihull 427-foot-long superyacht with an all-electric propulsion system that uses hydrofoil technology.

The meaning behind the superyacht’s concept name, Wakinyan, is a Lakota word for ‘thunder’ and often translates to ‘thunder spirits,’ ‘thunder beings,’ or ‘thunder birds.’ The theme of power and a bird on the water inspired the Wakinyan Trimaran concept design. Digital renderings of the yacht show a sharply pointed aluminum hull with two smaller outrigger hulls that could be interpreted as wings. However, the main visuals of this concept are its full glass deck that seems to wrap around the entire profile of the ship.

According to Aras Kazar, the panoramic design will provide a 360 view of the ocean, creating breathtaking scenery while enjoying the luxurious interior. The interior space is designed to create a “cloudy” feeling for up to 12 guests and features plenty of amenities like a spa and pool on the aft deck. The Wakinyan Trimaran concept yacht houses five bedrooms, one main bedroom, and comfortable cabins for the crew.  Powering the craft is an all-electric powertrain using hydrofoil technology to reach 32 knots—a suitable speed for cruising the waves while lounging in expensive tranquility.

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