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Apple’s Apple TV has been an overlooked part of their product portfolio for quite a while. Apple looks to change that while also updating the TV experience, an industry which they described as innovation “virtually standing still.” As predicted by many, the new Apple TV integrates apps through a new tvOS operating system that is based on iOS.

The new operating system puts Siri integration at the center of your living room through the new remote that supports touch and voice control. Siri’s integration into the Apple TV allows for more powerful searches for content on the Apple TV, which also expands to third party app searches. So if you’re looking for a particular TV episode, Siri will not only show you results from it’s native Apple ecosystem but also search Netflix and Hulu for you as well. Smart.

A new feature that has been added thanks to more apps is the addition of games to the Apple TV. It seems Apple is attempting to mimic what Nintendo has done with it’s Wii when it first launched, offering interactive and multiplayer games that are simple and fun to play on TV. All the players need is another iPhone, iPod Touch, or even an iPad to jump in on certain games.

Missing from today’s announcement was any word on Apple’s HomeKit and whether the Apple TV will play any role in centralizing Apple’s attempt at home automation. However, the fact that the hardware for the Apple TV has been beefed up with app integration may point to a future where HomeKit may be a real possibility.

The new Apple TV will come to stores sometime in late October with the 32 GB model starting at $149 and the 64 GB going for $199. The current generation of Apple TVs will also sell at a lower price point along side the new Apple TV.