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There are obvious benefits to taking photographs on the iPhone; with a multitude of apps designed to improve any photograph and the fact that you carry around your album with you where ever you are, the convenience is hard to ignore. Despite the new iPhone’s camera becoming more capable and powerful, many photographers still miss the power and control that only high end cameras can offer.

The DxO ONE bridges the gap between smart phone photography and more professional cameras. The amazingly compact and powerful ONE can attach to your iPhone, making your phone act as a viewfinder while it does most of the heavy lifting. It automatically enhances all the photos you take as well, meaning that your professional quality photographs are always with you. Taking stunning photos and instantly uploading them to your social media accounts to share with the world never seemed easier.

The downside is that the DxO ONE doesn’t come cheap at around $600, but for those that have always felt that the iPhone was missing something from it’s photography prowess, it may be worth the investment. Just make sure you don’t waste it taking selfies and pictures of you brunch.