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Moleskine PRO Collection

Moleskine PRO Collection

For creative types, there’s nothing handier than carrying a Moleskine notebook to sketch ideas and jot down notes on the go. Some architects go as far as swear by them, proving that they are one of the most useful tools that a creative type can carry. Moleskine has even honored some of the most influential minds in the industry with special editions, solidifying their relationship between the creative industry. With the creative minds as their loyal following, Moleskine now seeks to take over the professional workspace as well with the new Moleskine PRO Collection.

The PRO Collection includes everything from professional pads, stick notes, portfolios, envelopes, workbooks, to professional notebooks, making sure that they have everything covered in terms of what your work requires. The sturdy construction and elastic band assures that Moleskine’s legendary quality continues with this collection.

The line up comes in Moleskine’s traditional black, while the professional notebook can be had in a variety of fetching but business appropriate colors.