Amalgam Race Weathered Ferrari 250TR 'Lucybelle II'

A 1:8 Scale Model Of The Ferrari 250 TR ‘Lucybelle II’

This model perfectly recreates the car that raced at the 1958 incarnation of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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$ 13,970

The Amalgam Race Weathered Ferrari 250TR ‘Lucybelle II’ practically puts the essence of the 24 Hours at Le Mans into the palm of your hand. The 1:8 scale model captures the most nuanced details of a race weathered Ferrari 250 TR. The painstaking attention to detail of the model makers at the Amalgam Collection recreates Ed Hugus and Ray ‘Ernie’ Erickson’s number 22 racer at the 1958 racing of the 24 Hours of Le Mans to a tee.

Part of what allows this model to look to precise is that Ferrari consulted directly with the Amalgam Collection during its mission to recreate the ‘Lucybelle II’ racer. The design team digitally scanned the actual Ferrari 250 TR that ran the race. That level of scrutiny allowed model makers to rely on the digital rendering to meet the rigorous oversight of Ferrari’s consultants. Each of these models includes a Giclée print of the ‘Lucybelle II’ in top gear chosen by curators at Motorsport Images.