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Amalgam 1:8 McLaren P1

Amalgam 1:8 McLaren P1

You can buy the sold out McLaren P1 at the faction of the cost (and size).

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McLaren just finished its production of all 375 examples of their flagship hypercar, the P1. The hybrid hypercar was the long-awaited successor to the famed McLaren F1, the original million dollar supercar. If you’re one of those people lamenting the loss of opportunity to pick up one of the world’s most fastest supercar, you can still have one in eighth scale.

Thanks to CAD data supplied directly by McLaren, the Amalgam 1:8 Scale McLaren P1 is a highly detailed model that you can feel proud to display in your office or home. The scale of the model is large enough to convey all the incredible details while still manages to be small enough for any space. Just like McLaren’s MSO program, Amalgam will also fully personalize your 1:8 scale P1 to your exacting standards, so if you’ve always wanted a lime-green P1 with a purple interior, you can specify that too (but please don’t). All this doesn’t come cheap though, at $6775 USD and even more if you personalize your P1. However, with average prices of a P1 going for about $1.6 million USD, it lessen the sticker shock and even feels like a bargain compared to the real car.

Many supercars and classic automobiles seldom get driven due to how collectable they are. Most owners just end up looking at the car and enjoying its sculptural beauty. If that’s the case, why not enjoy the lines of the P1 at the faction of the cost with the Amalgam P1? You won’t have to deal with the hassle of maintenance or even need a separate garage.