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All In A Day’s Work With The McLaren P1

This Japanese attorney uses his McLaren P1 for his daily commute.

Cars are meant to be driven, no matter how exotic, expensive, or exclusive the may be. We hear unfortunate stories of collectors putting their cars away for storage, never for these garage queens to be seen on public roads. We understand the sentiment; the public roads are filled with bad drivers, potholes, and absent-minded pedestrians and cyclists. We understand that it’s heartbreaking to even imagine your precious baby getting harmed on the road. However, cars were meant to be driven and seems like Tokyo-based attorney Go Hiramatsu feels the same way too.

Color us green with envy, as Hiramatsu takes his green McLaren P1 for his daily commute through the concrete jungle of Tokyo. Limited to only 375 examples world wide, it would be an understatement to say that the P1 is a rare car. With a price tag of roughly $1.6 million, it takes a lot of balls to be able to use it as a daily car. Not only does he take the P1 to work, he also takes it into the mountain passes on the weekends, proving his passion and enthusiasm. For those P1 enthusiasts still lamenting the loss of opportunity to purchase your very own daily commuter P1, check out the Amalgam 1:8 Scale McLaren P1.