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Air Purifying Soil Drying Eggs

Naturally deodorize and humidify your home with the air purifying Soil Drying Egg.

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When the weather gets cold, it can be difficult to peel yourself off of your cozy bed. Going outside to do anything seems like a chore, and the consideration of opening the window to let in some fresh, albeit cold air is probably the last thing on your mind. However, there are numerous health benefits to recirculating the air in your house and it also rids of the “manly odor” that probably lingers in your room without you even noticing.

However it’s understandable that you’d want to keep your windows sealed tight during winter. There’s nothing we can do about whatever is breeding in your air, but we may have a suggestion for the odor in your room. The Drying Egg by Soil is a set of egg-shaped naturally occurring material that has formed from diatomaceous soil. Not only can it maintain an optimal humidity level in your home, it also has deodorizing properties so that your abode won’t smell like a damp man cave. The air purifying eggs can be reused as many times as needed; all you need to do is wash it when it turns black, let it dry outdoors, and it’s ready to keep your room feeling fresh again.

How nice your home smells can be a crucial point in making sure whether your next hot date feels comfortable enough to spend some quality time with you. Instead of burning some weird incense or questionable candle, keep it classy with the Soil air purifying eggs. You can thank us later.