6/5/4 Motors Husqvarna 256 Thage

6/5/4 Motors Husqvarna 256 Thage

The Husqvarna 256 Thage is a reconditioned 1968 motorcycle outfitted with skis for the Swedish snow patrol.

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The 6/5/4 Motors Husqvarna 256 Thage. You want it. Probably. Description for this beauty is scarce on he official website, mostly because it can do most of its talking without a single word. Point taken.

The Husqvarna 256 in question is a 1968 bike originally used by the Swedish defense force for snow patrol. That’s why it’s got skis. And why the Swedish defense force is much cooler than yours. Based out of Stockholm, 6/5/4 Motors reconditions and customizes motorcycles. It got hold of this bike because it reminded the owner of the one his dad – named Thage – rode when he defended the Swedes against the Finns. Or the Danes. Or whoever threatened them in the snow in 1968.

There were only about a thousand of these Husqvarna bikes ever made and this particular example is available totally reconditioned. Just don’t expect to find out how much it costs, unless there’s a photo of a stack of cash somewhere on the site that we haven’t found yet. Regardless of what it sets you back, go for it. You’ll own the only fifty-year-old Swedish defense bike outfitted for snow patrol on your block.

Photos by: Johannes Helje