FUORIPISTA Exercise Bike

A picture is worth a thousand words. So feast your eyes on the Adriana Design FUORIPISTA Exercise Bike, truly a fitness work of art.

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A picture being worth a thousand words is a good thing when it comes to the FUORIPISTA Exercise Bike. That’s because the FUORIPISTA is quite possibly the most exquisitely designed exercise bike on the market. This piece of exquisite Italian machinery is too beautiful to be hidden away. It’s a work of art, something that looks like a contemporary sculpture — the kind that you never know what it is, but it really doesn’t matter because it’s so visually engaging.

The bike also includes a tablet from which the rider can program some of the most spectacular cycling routes in the world. Made from wood, metal, and leather, it also sets it apart with its materiality. Gone are the days of unsightly exercise equipment, as this bike demands to be seen. Don’t hide it in the closet or under your bed. Leave it out to be admired for the aesthetic contribution it will make to your appartamento when not virtually cycling to… Pienza?