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2022 adidas Sport Eyewear Collection

adidas Unveils Its 2022 Sport Eyewear Collection

Offering maximized ventilation, lightness, protection, fit and grip, combined with an array of lens options that adapt to any activity.

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The 2022 adidas Sport Eyewear Collection brings a whole new wave of focus to traditional sports eyewear. In fact, every piece in this new collection offers something totally unique that has never been seen in sports eyewear before. Take, for example, the adidas SP0041 with its reverse half-rim flexible frame designed for virtually any competition by virtue of its rubber end-tips and no-slip contact points on the temples to provide a secure fit. Adding to this frame’s performance is the half-rim construction that naturally maximizes ventilation and the new adjustable nose pads with low relief sweat drainers. The Vario photochromic lenses are made with a patented molded-in film technology, that ensures the highest optical quality and a uniform color transition in varying light conditions. Plus, the super clear coating protects the mirrored lenses from water, dirt, grease, and oily smears, making them easy to clean.

The adidas SP0043 glasses are very much like wearing ski goggles, without the bulk. But these sleek glasses can be worn on a sunny deck just as easily as on a sunny ski slope. They are versatile, light, water-resistant, resistant to oil, and durable. To top it off, they are available in KOLOR UP lenses, which enhances color perception and reduces light intensity. These are so techy that one could envision them being banned from use in sporting competitions (they aren’t, though!). The SP0047 model sports a thin profile and rectangular silhouette. The temples have internal and external rubber components to ensure extreme grip and feature the low-relief 3-D logo. These glasses incorporate a 10-hole top bar aeration system, a larger ventilation framework on the temples, and new adjustable nose pads to provide exceptional airflow and comfort. There are four additional styles to choose from in the 2022 adidas Sport Eyewear Collection, with seven cool and unique hues in all.

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