2014 Ferrari 458 Spider

2014 Ferrari 458 Spider

Copart was able to sell off a wrecked 1999 Ferrari F355 Spider back in April to the tune of $101,489.

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Ferrari actually makes some models strictly available for use on the track. While it may sound ridiculous to buy a car you can’t even drive around, the high-performance capability of many of the Italian manufacturers vehicles gives credence to the policy. With horsepower exceeding 800 and top speeds eclipsing 200, some of the cars have no place on the main streets. So, by staying on the track, driver’s avoid disastrous situations like the fate that this 2014 Ferrari 458 Spider met.

The Ferrari 458 is one of the company’s most aesthetic and high-performing models. Its sultry design is made even more pleasing by its convertible edition. So it’s sad to see the magnificent design reduced to ash and debris like the one being auctioned off by Copart. Truly made for the person who has everything, this once exquisite pile of rubble won’t be the first totaled Ferrari to be auctioned off. Copart was able to sell a wrecked F355 to the tune of $101,489 back in April.