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YAP Seoul Temp’L

YAP Seoul Temp’L by shinslab architecture

This disused ship finds new life as a place of respite in Seoul.

One of the pitfalls that certain architects fall into is finding themselves overly infatuated by the artistic values of their creation, blind sighted by its significance and forgetting the functional and practical aspects of what distinguishes architecture from pure art. However, there are commonalities between art and architecture, especially successful projects that carries its initial concept through to the final product.

YAP Seoul Temp’L by shinslab architecture explores the idea of objects and ideas that can lose meaning merely due to the passage of time. By placing a section of an old and disused ship in a foreign context, it’s shape and presence is transformed into an installation that can be experienced. The rusty and rough exterior contrasts with the green and open volume that has been created inside as a peaceful respite, a nod to the original purpose of the material that’s been transformed to make something new. It gracefully walks the line between art and architecture, merging the strong conceptual aspects while providing a practical space.