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+Winter Heated Insoles

Add an extra layer of defense against the winter weather with these heated insoles.

Winter is truly upon us, and as the temperature outside drops, we’re scrambling to find ways to stay warm, from wrapping out body with a dependable parka to even attaching a coat heater to it. Despite all the effort that goes into keeping your body warm, you’re feet are still relying on socks and a rubber sole to stay warm, a pathetic effort if you consider how easily and quickly your feet can get cold.

Now you can strengthen your defense against those long and cold winter days thanks to the +Winter Heated Insoles. They look like regular insoles, but not only do they warm your feet, you can also adjust the temperature through your smartphone so your feet area always comfortable and toasty. No need to worry about wires and cables either, as the wireless charging system make the +Winter insoles truly easy to use. They’re even water resistant, adding an extra layer of protection against the chill for those that enjoy winter sports.