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Tracksmith’s New Collection, The Unveiling Of Alpha’s SuperWolf, Also Our Picks For Best Scotches

Catch up on these and more of this week’s most popular releases.

Tracksmith’s newly released Track & Field Collection consists of modern pieces with a vintage flair. Take the pullover and shorts with the track and field prints featuring character athletes of yesteryear participating in strength, speed, and skill competitions. Made with seersucker and cotton, this collection exudes comfort and style. Meanwhile, Alpha Motor Corporation has added yet another e-vehicle to its lineup. The latest is the Alpha SuperWolf, a rugged, long-wheelbase version of the Wolf, the brand’s electric pickup truck. Its dual electric motors will propel the SuperWolf from zero to 60 in 6.5-seconds using an 85-kWh battery pack. Scotch-lovers rejoice! We’ve compiled a handy list of 10 of our favorite scotches for you to imbibe. No matter your taste — from mellow and delicate to heavier, smoky varieties — we’ve got you covered. To round out our picks this week, we covered an intriguing Kickstarter project dubbed the WOOASK Translator Earbuds. These wireless buds not only allow users to play music and take calls but also feature real-time two-way translation in 71 languages and 56 accents. We wrap up with Bremont’s handsome new MB Savanna, a timepiece that takes its cues from the grassy plains of Africa and military camouflage colors.

Tracksmith Track & Field Collection

Tracksmith Unveils The Track & Field Collection

Inspired by 80s sports memorabilia, this collection celebrates the all-comers’ spirit of track and field.

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Alpha SuperWolf

Alpha Motor Corporation Presents The SuperWolf, An Off-Road Capable Electric Pickup Truck With A Killer Name

Vague details on the SuperWolf’s performance and options keep us excited to see a finished production model.

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Bremont MB Savanna

Bremont Drops A Handsome New MB, Dubbed The Savanna

All MBs are subjected to live ejection launches, salt fog, and extreme temperature and altitude tests.

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WOOASK Translator Earbuds Offer Simultaneous Translation In 71 Languages And 56 Accents

The Translator Earbuds have built-in high-performance dual microphones with noise reduction to ensure translation accuracy.

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Best Scotches To Celebrate National Scotch Day

Check out our top 10 picks to help you celebrate.

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