Wacaco Pipamoka

This Mug Also Brews Your Coffee

At just 2.85 inches x 7.16 inches, this 10 oz mud is easy to travel with, keeping a quick pick-me-up at the tip of your fingers all day.

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$ 40

The tell of a great thermos is its ability to do more than just keep your coffee warm. Regulating temperature isn’t just about maximizing heat, it’s about maintaining it at a level that preserves taste to keep you as close to that fresh-brewed flavor as possible. The Wacaco Pipamoka goes above-and-beyond in achieving that feat by brewing your coffee in the very mug you drink it from.

The hand-powered pressure brewer fills the 10 oz mug with coffee in only 2 minutes and preserves its freshness for hours on end.

Brewing coffee on the go may sound like a messy endeavor but the Pipomoka makes it simple. All it takes is filling the mug before submerging its coffee basket into the hot water. Turning the lid then engages its built-in vacuum pressure brewing device to filter the grounds out of the water, leaving you with a fresh cup of coffee. At just 2.85 inches x 7.16 inches, traveling with the mug is easy. This way you can keep a refreshing sip of your favorite pick-me-up at the tip of your fingers inside your pocket, bag, or backpack.