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Villa in Monteriggioni by CMT Architetti

Here’s a prime example of a restored Italian villa in Tuscany.

It’s probably a dream that most people have had; one day buying an old villa in the Italian countryside and restoring it to modern standards. It may only be a pipe dream for most of us, but here’s a perfect example for inspiration.

The 15th Century Villa in Monteriggioni was restored by CMT Architetti, maintaining the original historic language of the building while inserting a wholly modern and livable space within. As a nod to the historic envelope as well as to preserve the materials, many of the interior surfaces were treated with lime and lime plaster that gives the space a warm and period appropriate ambiance. It also acts as a way to control the humidity that may damage the woodwork used in the Villa. Inside, the consistent use of natural materials like plaster, wood, and ochre resin cement allow the open concept space to flow from one area of the living area to another seamlessly, while modern insertions such as the white enamel gloss boxes that house the powder room, kitchen utilities, and media center juxtapose against the muted colors and matte finishes.